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Understanding the interactions between solar wind and Earth

Led by ICCT; joint with GGOS, Focus Area on Geodetic Space Weather Research, and Commission 4, Sub-Commission 4.3

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Our team Atmospheric Coupling Studies (ACS) is composed of dedicated researchers and scientists committed to enhancing our understanding of the interactions between solar wind and Earth, including the coupling processes within the magnetosphere, thermosphere, and ionosphere.

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Members for the Current Term 2024-2028:

Chair: Andres Calabia Aibar
Vice-Chair: Binod Adhikari

Our Work

We conduct comprehensive simulations of solar wind to understand its characteristics and variability, and study the effects of solar wind on Earth's upper atmosphere.

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Details of the Previous Term (2019-2023)

Past Members:

Chair: Andres Calabia
Vice-Chair: Munawar Shah
Research Coordinator: Binod Adhikari

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Reports and Presentations JSG1 (2019-2023):

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If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at (IAG ICCT-T27) and (IAG-GGOS FA-GSWR JSG1) .


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